Short Shrifts 7

or, The Autocrat of the Algonquin and Fox News round tables

Created Sunday, April 2, 2017

• Currently everybody in Washington is calling each other liars.  The accusation is bandied about like deodorants and cocktails or awards and entitlements, minimum hourly emoluments and perks.   But like proverbs exhorting thrift and admonitions to Godliness, the lie is way way out of date.  The postmodern era that has settled like fog over Washington, yea the whole planet, informs that there is no such thing as truth.  So how CAN there be such a thing as a lie?  That Trump, or Clinton, lie, is itself a lie, by the unimpeachable standard of postmodernism, folks.  Fake news.  Fake lies.  And over and under it all is fake truth.

• So which, at the end of the day, is the more desirable: fake lies or virtual truth?  Fake news or artificial intelligence?  Smart phones or idiot savants?

• Our Lord Himself said, "The truth shall set you free." (John 8:32).  Fake freedom?  Virtual freedom?  Artificial freedom?  In any case, what a relief -- postmodernism has set us free from truth!  ... and freedom?

• But, but, but.... isn't "freedom!" the war cry, the call to revolt and riot?  It is, it is, it is ... all fake news, which to me is the ultimate truth.

• Fake truth was the original sin (as mouthed by the serpent in the Garden of Eden) and is also the terminating end-time sin, as is asserted by Christ, who declared, credibly as well as truthfully, "I am the way, the truth, and the life." (John 14:6).

• I believe I caught on the news last night that some very highly placed lier has actually admitted lying, but insisted that she (this time around it was a she, I believe) did no wrong?  Now finally, that makes sense -- situational sense!  Case closed; investigation over.

• Our rights, for which activists, theoreticians, and bloggers are fighting, are burgeoning, burgeoning.  Both the rights and the activists.  The right to lie surely must be among them (the rights and activisits) somewhere.

• "I lied but I did nothing wrong!"  Right...

• The right to lie has come out of the closet.  I'd send it to the woodshed.

• I'm old and dense and, as O-Reilly likes to say, a simple man.  So explain to me how lives of any hue can matter if truth doesn't?

• The trick to a level playing field is mass burials.

• Being an old man I do have a very slow learning curve, especially for the new vocabulary.  Near's I've been able to figure it, robots are grounded, drones fly.  If a drone crashes into robots, is there a sound?

• Both drones and robots have no brains, but lots of smarts.  And parts.

• Be smart.  Whatever you're doing, ask yourself, "how would a robot do this?"

• Did Christ really warn that those who had pierced his side and parsed his words would cry for the rocks and mountains to fall on them?

• Did Senior Bush really say, "Parse my lips"?

• Or was it the Lone Ranger who said, "Parse these parched lips!"

• Help! Thief! A pickpocket stole my parse with all my credit lines.

• So what do you call a high-priced lawyer?  A posh parse.

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