For my Kids


O my dear Stephanie,

Could we conceivably

Become blasé

If Gerber vegie Paté

Becomes passé?



All of two the birthday boy is.

He walks, he talks, already a “Jeopardy Whizz.”


Here’s a Birthday Poem for Chris’s third.

A test-tube baby he’s sure to be a nerd.


Here’s a Birthday Poem for Kayla’s fifth.

She’s got energy to burn and plenty of spiff.




O my Father,  Keeper of all children, in

         prayer I kneel.

Over my three children please watch,

         I pray.

Give Karin, being blind, reassuring things

         to feel,

Give her special music, a certain song.

Give Marcia bright yellow meadow-

        flowers to see,

And softnesses to cuddle and caress.

Give Karl sturdy things to grow strong on.

O give them, and their mother, love and

        and tenderness.

Be with these three, now there in bed,

O Father, our Father, watch over all them

       in my stead!

Touch and lovingly close those tiny


Night-night, you'll sleep tight, dear kids.






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