You could stub your toes.


You're big and that's the way it





Much worse off the turtle is.

            Low slung,

The turtle stubs his


 Two grown crows On a block of ice One stayed and froze His toes Twice -- From black to BLUE! The other crow arose And away he flew.

Wailed a monstrous greenish purple DINOSORE

   "Jess because my green tummuy's KINASORE,

             And I've got the flu...

                            Boo-hoo, boo-hoo, boo-hoo

               Mommy won't get me candy from

                                      the DIMASTORE


In all New Hampshire

There's but a single hamster.

     Why's that?

     Lots of cats --

That's the proper answer.

Tessy Tiger's keeper had in mind to tame 'er, Swore he'd make 'er definitely saner -- He'd do just that Or eat his hat! Said Tessy, "I'd rather eat my trainer!"
 Crusader, rattling in your rented Whole armor, undaunted although dented Do you do war on Evil, Or defend your imbricated Ego.  Behold the glorious knight! A being radiating awesome might. Noble, pure of heart, incorruptible, And, forsooth, alas!….rustable. A frog's a mighty mixed up creature. Up front he couldn't be much weaker. Behind he's stronger than a horse. Skin is delicate, voice is foghorn coarse.


To the tune of



Up, up in the seat,

Where the little kids eat;

Down, down to their tummies

Go al-l--l their yummies.


The cheese and the peas,

The beans and all that,

The proteins,

And carbohydrates and the fat

HARDLY EVER FINISH I can hardly ever finish That ickey gooey spinach. I would rather drink my punch Than eat my wholesome lunch.

Ah so!  Ah So!

When cherry blossoms

Grow.                     Japanese

   Begin to sneeze.

                Ah so,


Karin had a molar.

Someone stole'r

Molar.  Who's the thief

Who stole your teeth?

The Cow of Daniel 4

Nebuchadnezzar did what you would never do:

He grew excessively proud of you know who,

                So proud

                He could not be allowed,

          And was switched from Babylonian bull to moo-moo


that's not the tooth fairy...

Consider, please, the case of Oliver Octopus

Who wished to climb a preposterous precipus,

But wasn't created able to jump up it.

We are the way we are, like it or lump it.

I put my little daughter

On the teeter-totter

To teach 'er what I ought'r.

"Life," I said, "abounds

In ups and downs."

Karin loves her waffle

And consumes it by the jawful.

Appetite is good, manners awful.

Rover has his feelings ruffled,

   As you can plainly see.

     They are ruffled quite a bit.

         Almost as much as he.


  is not so awful elegant.

     He's big and round and fat,

  ... and that's that.

My dad's a terrible meanie.

Though I'm only five and teeny-weeny,

He hits me with great big words, big, very,

And tells me go and read the dictionary.

Poems for small KIDS

    and everybody else

A certain kid named Harold Benders

Will never never be without suspenders

     Once he forgot 'em

     And bared his bottom.

So now he always always remembers

Once there was a guy named George Who on greasy foods did daily gorge. From eating grease He became obese And was, to say the leese, rather LORGE!